Find a van rental provider in Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, and Northern Greece. Auto365 offers a brand new fleet of vehicles, including vans for relocation, equipment transportation, excursions, and guided tours.



Clean Vehicles

24 hour service

Mercedes-Benz Citan

– Professional Van
– Diesel
– Manual Transmission
– 1500cc
– 90 bhp

Mercedes-Benz Vito

– Passenger Van
– Diesel
– Automatic Transmission
– 2000 cc
– 163 bhp

Peugeot Traveller

– Passenger Van
– Diesel
– Automatic Transmission
– 1600 cc
– Bluetooth

Mercedes-Benz Viano

– Passenger Van
– Diesel
– Automatic Transmission
– 2143 cc
– 163 bhp

Vans and MiniVans for Every Occasion

Auto365’s Van Rental Services were created to cover relocation needs, large equipment transfers, and to offer an all-inclusive comfortable method of transportation for large groups of people, sports teams, and special guests visiting Greece for leisure, business,or those attending trade shows, and conferences.

Excursions and Guided Tours

A comfortable and luxurious 9 seater van from Auto365’s fleet is the ideal choice for day trips, sightseeing tours, and city tours for you, your family, and your group of friends.

Equipment Transfers & Relocation

The spacious vans that Auto365 offers are ideal for transporting professional equipment, sports gear, musical instruments and can even serve to satisfy relocation needs.

Away Games

Do you have an away game with your team? Auto365 is here to accommodate you, offering 9 seater vans for the safe and comfortable transportation of your sports team / club.

Why choose Auto365 as your vehicle rental provider?

Auto365 has been operating in the car rental industry since 2015 and stands out in a highly competitive market because of its strong leadership, diverse team, and its dedication to offering top-tier services, emphasizing on customer experience.

Brand New Fleet

Our fleet consists of brand new vehicles that are always kept in excellent condition and fully equipped for your safety and comfort.

Delivery to Northern Greece

All the vehicles in our fleet are delivered to all requested locations in the entire region of Northern Greece upon request.

Unique Driving Experience

It’s the details that make the difference. For this reason our fleet is made up of carefully selected vehicles that are fully equipped with all the extras that make for a unique driving experience.

When should you consider renting a van instead of a car?

When it comes down to convenience and making your relocation easier, a spacious car is oftentimes the most convenient way to go. When however, should you consider choosing a van instead?

Extra Space

Whether you need extra space for luggage, large equipment, or even just want additional legroom, the option of a van is just the right choice for you.

Extra Comfort

Long and exhausting trips are made much more relaxing and enjoyable in a comfortable and luxurious van.


We offer the flexibility of covering any need that may arise for extra space in the event of a trade show, conference, or even just an adventurous road trip around Greece.


Auto365 has three rental points (Thessaloniki & Halkidiki), and delivers cars and Vans throughout Greece upon request.

auto365 thessaloniki


9km Thessaloniki – Moudanion
PC 55535 Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel. 2311111365

auto365 chalkidiki

Halkidiki – Marmaras

Neos Marmaras
PC 63081
Tel. 2375770391

aerodromio makedonia

Thessaloniki International Airport

Upon Request
Thessaloniki International Airport

Any questions?

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How much does it cost to rent a can in Thessaloniki for one day?

The daily rental rate for a van starts from 100€/day during low season and 120€/day during high season. *These prices include VAT.

What is the maximum period I can rent a van for from Auto365?

There is no limit on the rental period for the vans. However, if you are interested in renting a van for more than 10 days we recommend you come in contact with us via phone or email to receive a special offer.

What is the difference between a professional van and a passenger van?

Unlike a passenger van, a professional van does not have seats. Passenger vans such as the Mercedes Vito, Viano, and Peugeot Traveller have up to 9 passenger seats. Another noteworthy difference is the license requirements. Professional vans require special licenses, whereas a passenger van simply requires a regular driver’s license, Category B.

When should I consider renting a van as opposed to a regular car?

It is worth mentioning that due to the number of seats a van has, a lot more people can be transferred at once. What is more, a van is a lot more spacious and possesses more legroom and luggage space. Lastly, you save on fuel consumption as a lot more people can be transported safely and comfortably in one vehicle as opposed to using two or more.

What are the extra features included in a van from Auto365?

All the vans in Auto365’s fleet are automatic and diesel.

What extra features can I add on to the Van I rent?

All requested extras can be added onto a van from our fleet. More specifically, a GPS, baby car seats, booster seats, snow chains, etc.

Can I rent a van from Auto365 at a location outside Thessaloniki?

Vehicles can be delivered and picked up from any location our customers desire all over Greece.

Deliveries and pickups at our Head Office in Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki Airport (SKG), and all hotels in the city of Thessaloniki are free of charge.

Deliveries and pickups at any other point of request in Thessaloniki, excluding the ones listed above include an extra charge of €18.60.

Deliveries and pickups outside Thessaloniki can be arranged upon request. Please contact us via phone or email to receive a price quote.  

What kind of driver’s license do I need to be able to rent a van?

All drivers are required to hold a valid driver’s license, Category B; the same license required to rent and drive a regular car.