Discover Pieria

Pieria is located in the southern part of Macedonia just one hour drive from the city of Thessaloniki. It combines sandy beaches and high mountains as the Mount Olympus, the throne of the ancient Greek gods.
Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece and the second highest mountain in Balkans and in Europe area, from Alps Mountains to Caucasus. Every year thousands of people visit Olympus to explore its climbing routes and to admire its nature and reach its peaks. If you are less an adventure person, Elatochori a mountainous village is a suitable destination. The view of the Thermaikos Gulf from the area of Palaios Panteleimonas is unique where you can watch also many cultural events that took place especially in the summer.

Beaches of Skotina, Neoi Poroi, Platamon, Paralia and Korinos are located in the 70km coast yard of Pieria where there are many possibilities for accommodation, entertainment and dining.

The Platamon Castle was built between 1204 and 1222 and is one the most famous tourist attractions of the area. The ancient city Dion which was dedicated to Zeus is characterised as the ‘sacred place’ of the Ancient Macedonians and it is located at the foot of Mount Olympus only 4km away from the coast yard of the area.

The Pieria regional unit is only 45-60 minutes drive from the city of Thessaloniki using the high way.